Stronger Seafood Communities Workshop

WINSC is proud to be hosting a Stronger Seafood Communities Workshop.  With a focus on well-being and managing environmental impacts of human activities on oceans, the workshop hopes to equip attendees with knowledge and resources to improve mental and physical health for themselves, employees and loved ones along with providing strategies for resource management and implementing environmental policies.

The workshop program consists of a morning and afternoon session featuring presentations and discussions lead by seafood industry researchers and WINSC Directors as well as special guests from the Irish Women in Fisheries Network.

The workshop is free for representatives from the seafood industry to attend.  RSVP’s are essential for catering and room capacity.

Date:  19 October 2018
Time: 10AM to 4PM
Location:  South Australian Research & Development Institute (SARDI)
2 Hamra Ave, West Beech SA 5024
Cost: Free
RSVP: If you wish to attend, please RSVP by emailing


Guest Speakers:

Siobhan Faulkner

Siobhan Faulkner is from Clogherhead, Co Louth and is the founding member of the Irish Women in Fisheries Network. With a passion for her coastal village Clogherhead and its fishing community, she wants to help ensure there is a future in fishing for the coming generations.  As well operating three fishing trawlers with her husband, Siobhan is also a committee member of the Clogherhead Development Group which is a local driver for initiatives aimed at tackling pollution, working hand in hand with the local fishing fleet on these projects as well as collaborating with industry specific projects.

Trudy McIntyre

Trudy McIntyre is from Dunmore East, Co Waterford and the Irish Women in Fisheries Network, a volunteer with the Irish Coast Guard and with Lost at Sea Tragedies (LAST), chair of the South East Regional Inshore Fisheries Forum (RIFF)  as well as the chair of the National Inshore Fisheries Forum (NIFF).

Trudy believes that what’s really important is making the case for the future of fishing, for its sustainability and for the unity of the fishing community and by working together we’ll get far more achieved than working separately

Claire Webber

Claire Webber is from Port Lincoln South Australia. Her passion for fishing developed as a teenager, and although she does not come from a fishing family, she has spent most of her working life in the seafood industry.  Claire has a fisheries management degree from the Australian Maritime Collage in Tasmania and a diploma of Aquaculture, experience working for AFMA, SARDI and the Ministry of Fisheries in NZ, as well doing time as a deck hand in the East Coast prawn fleet.

For the last 8 years Claire has focused her career on the major seafood industry operating in South Australia, working as the Research and Liaison Officer for the Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna Industry Association.   She returned to work in March this year following an 8-month adjustment to motherhood, and has also reinstated her position on the Ocean Watch Australia Board of Directors.  Claire’s feminist advocacy drives her to improve the visibility and recognition of women and the work they do – particularly across seafood sectors.

Tanya King

Tanya King is a WINSC Board member as a Director At Large and is a maritime/environmental anthropologist interested in issues relating to natural resource management. More recently, Tanya has been involved with the Victorian bays and inlet fishers and their campaign for political and public recognition and support.Tanya’s current research interests relate to mental health in the fishing industry and the role of environmental policy in securing fisher well-being.

Barbara Konstas

Barbara Konstas is the Treasurer for WINSC and the Victorian Director and has over 30 years experience in the seafood industry, covering many facets of the supply chain, including wholesale, retail, harvesting sector and processing.  She is the CEO of the Melbourne Seafood Centre and Vice Chair of Seafood Victoria. and has an in depth knowledge of the industry with a commitment to sustainability, local competitiveness and successful Australian commercial fishing industry.


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