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WISA fulfils many important functions for its members, particularly in developing networks and sharing information; delivering programs to enhance the capacity and capabilities of seafood women; and advocating for greater visibility of, and opportunities for, women to participate and progress in the seafood industry.

Our organisation occupies a unique position within the seafood industry. WISA contribute insights, into how seafood women, families and communities in the regions and cities are affected by policy change and societal issues of the day. WISA can influence how things are done and how the seafood industry is perceived. 

As a member of WISA you are fundamentally supporting all women in seafood as well as WISA’s activities. You will be invited to participate in networking activities and personal and professional development training programs online and in person, and have the opportunity to attend conferences and events.

Members receive newsletters to keep them in touch with WISA activities and new opportunities, celebrate achievements of seafood women, and discussions of issues facing the industry. Contributions from members are welcomed. Through our newsletters, socials and events, WISA provides support, encouragement and information to women of our seafood community.

WISA membership is on an annual subscription basis and costs only $66 to join.

Membership to WISA is open to women and men who are engaged in the Seafood Industry in Australia, New Zealand and neighbouring islands of the Pacific. 

We welcome membership from those working directly in the industry (e.g. commercial fishing, aquaculture, processing, wholesale, retail and hospitality), and those who work with the industry (e.g. industry representatives, scientists, those who work in research, development, governance, policy and regulation, and consultants). If you are unsure if you qualify please contact Kirsten at


If you are a new member and are unfamiliar with the online member portal, you can access the membership portal instructions here! 


What does WISA do?

WISA is a national not-for-profit organisation. We aim to provide a supportive and safe space for women, and work to raise the profile of women in the seafood industry.

WISA consists of a voluntary Board of Directors, and an Executive Officer.

WISA support, promote, encourage and represent women in the Australian Seafood Industry.


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Benefits of WISA Membership

Coordinated approach to increasing awareness of social issues.

Promotion of the seafood industry through seafood festivals, website, newsletter, media releases.

Conduit to government through provision of advice on women’s issues through membership of National Rural Women’s Coalition.

Partnerships and strong links to peak industry bodies and agencies.

Encouraging women to participate in a national network of seafood industry women.

Access to quality information and advice (research, upcoming initiatives and key events, funding initiatives).

Access to national projects and conferences.

Facilitation of women’s skills development through workshops, participation in leadership programs, mentoring, youth initiatives and study tours.

WISA is working towards ways to better connect with their members and all seafood women across the Australasian Seafood Industry.

Contact us

Kirsten Abernethy – Executive Officer
Phone: 0413 039 421

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WISA acknowledge and respect the Traditional Owners of these lands and waters and their continuing connections, their stories, traditions and living cultures and the contribution to the life and spirit of our communities across Australia. We extend our respect to past, present and future Elders of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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