michelle lewis

Michelle Lewis

I grew up on the North Coast of Tasmania and loved spending time in and on the ocean. Initially I wanted to become a marine biologist but my parents suggested that I should broaden my career options and look at aquaculture. They arranged a meeting with the head of the aquaculture department at the University of Tasmania. His passion for the aquaculture industry was so obvious and infectious that I immediately changed my career path from marine biology to aquaculture and I’ve not looked back.


In 1999 I completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Aquaculture) at the University of Tasmania in Launceston. Shortly after graduating I commenced working for a small aquarium in New South Wales and although not exactly in my area of study, I enjoyed working with the animals and educating the public on amazing ocean creatures.

While I enjoyed the work I still had a desire to pursue a career in aquaculture, specifically pearling. In 2001 I packed 2 bags and booked a 1 way ticket to the Top End! After arriving in Darwin I worked remotely on pearl farms and a barramundi farm before securing a lecturing and technical officer role with the Northern Territory University (now Charles Darwin University) VET faculty, delivering and assessing vocational qualifications in aquaculture.

15 years later and I’m still working for the University although my role has changed over the years and I’m now managing training programs to ensure we comply with national training standards. We work closely with local industry representatives to ensure we provide relevant, high quality training programs that meet the needs of industry and prepare students for work or advance their careers in the seafood industry.