Kelly Seagrave Port Lincoln

Kelly Seagrave

Role held in the seafood industry?

Marketing Executive at Sydney Fish Market

When and how did you get involved in the seafood industry?

I was working in the tourism and hospitality industry when I was looking for a change in jobs and an opportunity came up at SFM that matched my experience in marketing and communications. Growing up in rural New South Wales, I had a great appreciation for primary industry and was interested in the challenge of learning more about an industry that was very new to me.

Why do you like working in the seafood industry?

There is a huge diversity in product and practices in the Australian seafood industry and the learnings and challenges are endless.  What I like most is that there is a great deal to celebrate within the industry in terms of sustainability standards and quality of product as well as the people working in it.

What you love about your role?

I like working with the media to showcase Australian seafood on the world stage. I’m fortunate to work with chefs and media crews from Australia and around the world and when they visit Sydney Fish Market they are always impressed by the variety and quality of seafood on offer.

Most memorable moment ?

I’ve been very lucky to have had many memorable experiences in my job but I think attending last year’s WINSC 20th Anniversary Gala Dinner and sitting in a room of people celebrating the achievements and contributions of women in seafood was pretty special.

Other thoughts you would like to share?

Becoming a member of WISA has given me the opportunity to meet some really inspiring women and broaden my understanding of the understanding of the industry. I highly recommend to anyone to become a member, you never know the opportunities that could open for you.