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Justine Arnold

WISA Director Western Australia

Role held in the seafood industry?

A farmer of fish! Technical Manager on an Aquaculture Operation and the daughter of a Western Rock Lobster fisherman.

When and how did you get involved in the seafood industry?

I was born into wild catch fishing family, as my father was a Western Rock Lobster Fisherman. I developed an affinity with the ocean and always knew I wanted my career to involve the seafood industry. I got a job in my home town of Geraldton working in Aquaculture with the company I work for now, and the rest is history!

Why do you like working in the seafood industry?

I like knowing that we can responsibly culture a food source from the ocean with Aquaculture. The seafood industry is very diverse, and there is always another challenge waiting around the corner.

What you love about your role?

I love working on the ocean, even though I get sea sick!

Most memorable moment ?

Being awarded the 2017 Western Australia Premiers Agriculture and Aquaculture Entrepreneurship Program and travelling to Japan to investigate Japanese Aquaculture technologies.

Other thoughts you would like to share?

In this industry you have to celebrate the small wins when they come through! No matter how small.