Dr. Belinda McGrath-Steer

I feel very privileged to work in the seafood industry alongside other passionate people both inside- and outside government.

Like many people I have met through study and work, I have a connection with the sea, a sense of place and belonging.

It is no surprise that my current role in PIRSA Fisheries and Aquaculture is the culmination of where this connection would lead for my education and working career. This started with undertaking a Bachelor degree in marine science at Flinders University, an honours from James Cook University, and finishing with a PhD funded by FRDC from the University of Tasmania.

I have worked in a number of diverse and challenging environments from the tropics to the polar regions, and along the way met many inspiring people. Although I have held a number of positions in other areas of natural resource management, fisheries and aquaculture is my passion.

It is very rewarding bringing people together to identify possibilities and to solve what are often complex marine-based social and economic matters sustainably.