Claire Webber

Time in seafood industry– 13 Years

After graduating from the Australian Maritime Collage in Tasmania with a Bachelor of Administration (Marine Resources) I worked as a commercial fisheries observer Australia and New Zealand spending extended periods of time at sea.  University training, coupled with at sea experience, set me up well for my current role at the Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna Industry Association  as a Research and Liaison Officer.  I have also worked as a deck hand on prawn trawlers and have experience in sales and other agricultural sectors.

Roles- Achievements

  • Rotary Primary Production Group Study Exchange: 2016 Scholarship to Washington State, USA and British Columbia, Canada
  • Recipient of the 2015 Australian National Seafood Industry Young Achiever Award
  • Member of the Women’s Industry Network, Seafood Community & South Australian Women’s Industry Network
  • Participant in the National Seafood Industry Leadership Program
  • Member of the Australian Aquatic Animal Welfare Committee
  • Profiled as a Woman Influencing Agribusiness (PIRSA)

What I love about my seafood industry – There is a huge diversity of jobs in the seafood industry, suiting all personality types and skills.  Developing relationships with people who share a passion for the seafood industry and working closely with growers to improve production outcomes is very rewarding. Compared to other agribusiness, aquaculture is still a relatively young and developing industry. I can see the sector continue to expand into the future, which is exciting. Especially here in South Australia, as we a have pristine ocean environment underpinning productive and thriving commercial fisheries and aquaculture.

Most interesting moment – Getting strange looks from a transport company when booking space for “one whale head” following the dissection of 2 beached strapped tooth whales on behalf of the South Australian Museum.

Thoughts about my industry- The seafood industry is a very dynamic place to work.  The success of a season depends on so many elements coming together if your favour. A strong untied seafood industry is required for a prosperous future.  Women have an important role to play in bringing moving the industry forward and bringing a positive contribution to sustainable seafood production globally.