Christine Jackson

Time in industry

I was born into the fishing industry over 50 years ago and I am now the licence holder.

Roles and Achievements

  • Owner / operator of a Lakes & Coorong fishing licence.
  • Member Southern Fishermen’s Association.
  • Member of SAWIN & WINSC.
  • What I love about my seafood industry.

Our fishery is very supportive of our community and our community is supportive of our

fishery. I also love that I am and will always be remembered as Gloria & Henry Jones’ daughter.

Most interesting moment.

Is how well I was accepted into the Lakes & Coorong fishery by all fishers. Also to listen and learn about the history of our fishing industry.

Thoughts about my industry.

Like every other fish family I have had some great times and not so great times. Hopefully our fishing industry will keep on keeping on and experiences get better and exciting.. I am always very pleased to see my product being sold, appreciated and enjoyed locally.