Bec Thomas

Role: I work in compliance as a Fisheries and Marine Officer, based in Geraldton, Western Australia.

Time in seafood industry: 7 years

What I love about my role

I love that I am apart of maintaining sustainable stocks for the future generations to enjoy. Everybody involved in the seafood industry is passionate about what they do and that also drives me to work hard to help maintain our world class fishery in the Midwest.

I love working outdoors and meeting a diverse range of people. I never know what each day is going to bring or what challenges may arise.

Thoughts about my industry

The Industry is going strong but the demand for seafood is more than ever. Although the fish stocks are still strong with the new technology and fishing practices I believe this has led to depleting fish stocks over the years and together we all need to act.

Everybody has a key role to play in the industry and hopefully we can work together to sustain healthy fish stocks for future generations to enjoy.

What I find rewarding about working in the seafood industry

There is a large range of Fisheries in Western Australia that need to be managed and I think our Department does a great job in doing so, from Research to Compliance. It is rewarding to see the stocks still going strong despite the population growth and other implications.

It is also rewarding to see that the majority of the community/fisherman are taking responsibility for their industry and are conscious about their impact. The smile on the fisherman’s faces when they have caught a huge fish is always uplifting.