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Abbie Muir

How did you get into the seafood industry?

Well, I married into it! I was working in Public Relations in London when I met my husband. Soon after, we moved to Australia and I found myself doing the marketing and sales on a barramundi farm in Far North Queensland.

A couple of children later we decided to move away from fish and into oysters down in Tasmania. We bought an oyster lease on Bruny Island and have been working on that together ever since.

I moved from a very female dominated industry in Public Relations to the male dominated aquaculture industry. Since buying the farm we work together both physically on the farm and in decision-making. Jeremy does a bit more of the heavy lifting, and I do more of the accounts and bookwork but it wasn’t until Jeremy was away and I worked on the lease by myself that I feel people actually acknowledged I was an oyster farmer, as opposed to the wife of an oyster farmer!

What do you love about working in our industry?

We are dictated to by the weather so every day is different on the farm. I love being out on the water, and I love that it is a profitable family business that can fit around family life. Unlike fish, oysters don’t have to be fed everyday!

The oyster industry is an exciting industry to be in. It is constantly evolving to conquer environmental challenges and to meet increased demand. It isn’t an industry I ever thought I would be a part of, but I’m happy that I am.