Clare Winkel

Roles- Achievements

  • 2016 Spent 6 hours on the Bering Sea in a crab trawler aka ‘Deadliest Catch” Crab boat and did not throw up.
  • 2014 Finalist (top 3) for SQF Auditor of the Year (worldwide award).
  • 2013- Won an award from the International Assoc of Fish Inspectors: for Services to the International Seafood Industry.
  • 2003- Won “Highly Commended” in the Premiers Award in Public Sector Management-Partnerships and Reconciliation (Queensland Government): for the Design and delivery of a series of practical training courses for the indigenous seafood processors across Torres Strait.

Countries worked in: Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, UK, Holland, China, Chile, Jamaica, Trinidad/Tobago, Solomon Islands and Vietnam.

When and how did you get involved in the seafood industry?

Started working at the Centre for Food Technology (part of the Qld Govt Dept of Primary Industries) in 1996 and began to train and consult (in food safety) to all sectors of the seafood harvesting and processing industries including harvesters, farmers, processors, chefs & regulators from southern Western Australia to Torres Strait.

Would you encourage women to follow a career in the seafood industry? Why?

Yes for sure. The sheer diversity of places, people and products that I have seen is tremendous, from outer Torres Strait islands, tiny fishing villages on the west coast of Ireland to very remote parts of coastal Alaska. I know I have made a difference to all of these industries and people from HACCP Plans for processing beche de mer, food safety training for cray fishers and risk management training for salmon smoke houses.

What drives me – Knowing I will be back in Kodiak island (Alaska) again.